2016 Amendments

Constitutional and Operational Amendments 2016

The following resolutions on constituitional and operational changes were voted online by members of Uttoron during December 01 through 31, 2016 following the Annual General Body Meeting on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Form an exploratory committee to evaluate and recommend long term financial and management oversight strategies for Uttoron in the areas not limited to appropriation and investment of Uttoron funds, creation of long term vision and initiatives of Uttoron, formalization of codes of conduct for the executive committee members and Uttoron community members and formulation of rules of engagement with other social and charitable organizations. [Names of Joydeep Das, Dibyebdu Mukherjee and Amitava Lahiri have been proposed as members of the exploratory committee. If voted in affirmative the exploratory committee will have three months (from January 01, 2017 though March 31, 2017) to publish their recommendations and the process thereafter to the community in a General Body Meeting for possible further voting.] New resolution based on proposal from members of Uttoron. Passed
(77 to 13 votes)
Increase the number of General Members of Uttoron Executive Committee to 20 (from current 16) in proportion to the expanding base of the Uttoron community (in addition to 4 Office Bearers - the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer). ​The Executive Committee (EC) may have a maximum of 16 General Members (in addition to 4 Office Bearers - the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer). Passed
(78 to 12 votes)
Invest in cloud infrastructure of Uttoron including launching of new Uttoron website as an e-commerce portal and retention of all Uttoron official documents electronically in secure Cloud storage. Estimated one time capital expenditure is USD 5000.00 and monthly cloud infrastructure cost not exceeding USD 150.00.[Online properties of Uttoron will be entirely cloud and service based and purchased or rented from one or more prominent vendors. Uttoron will not be involved in purchasing and maintenance of any computer hardware.]​ New proposal based on several complaints and issues faced during last year with event registration and information dissemination from the official website of Uttoron. Passed
(65 to 25 votes)
Retain authorized legal services for representing Uttoron in legal matters and protecting the organization from potential lawsuits (Uttoron Executive Committee will determine a reasonable cost within the constitutional limits). New resolution based on proposal from the members of Uttoron in protecting the organization from any legal and other liabilities that may arise. Passed
(71 to 19 votes)
Expand Uttoron charter to include development of programs for the Youths of Uttoron (Y.O.U.) as a mandatory charter of Uttoron headed by one of the office bearers. [This initiative will give Y.O.U. a permanent platform for showcasing their talents and do not have to compete for slots in community programs during Baishakhi and Durga Puja]​ New resolution based on lack of mandatory and dedicated oversight on Y.O.U charter which was solely at the discretion of the Uttoron Executive Committee. Passed
(71 to 19 votes)
Expand Uttoron charter to include Community Give Back programs in form of charity and community services with a maximum yearly budget to be determined by the Uttoron Executive Committee within the constitutional limits. [Provisions of this resolution can be included in part or whole in the recommendation of the exploratory committee (as described in Proposal 1) and if decided by the committee can be subject to future amendments.] New resolution based on suggestions from the members of Uttoron. Passed
(73 to 17 votes)
Expand Uttoron Charter to include a Professional Development and Career Networking Program to develop a business oriented social networking service as part of Uttoron charter. New resolution based on suggestions from the members of Uttoron on expanding the reach of the organization. Failed
(41 to 49 votes)
​Introduce new Uttoron Logo to align with the expanded Uttoron charter.[Request for submission of the art work for the new logo will be communicated to the members and will be voted upon by the members before the final choice is made. If voted in affirmative all requests must be received by February 28, 2017 and final voting on the submissions must be completed by March 31, 2017.] New resolution. Passed
(66 to 24 votes)
Expand Uttoron bylaws to allow the use of video conferencing as an official mode of conducting Executive Committee and General Body Meetings and as an additional mode of participation along with physical presence in the meetings. New resolution based on feedback from the members of the Executive Committee of Uttoron. Passed
(66 to 24 votes)