Events FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Uttoron Events

Question 1: Are there any pre-requisites in attending in-person event?

Answer: Yes, every Uttoron event requires a pre-registration (RSVP) even if there’s no entry fee for members. This helps us to plan and serve folks attending the event better. Also, in-person attendance to Uttoron event will be subjected to health regulations (like checking COVID vaccination proof) of state and federal government mandated at that time. There could be additional event specific pre-requisites which will be communicated ahead of time.

Question 2: What’s the COVID protocol Uttoron event will follow?

Answer:  Uttoron will follow state and federal government mandated COVID protocol for its in-person event. This may include but not limited to checking vaccination proof, wearing masks indoor for attendees etc. Due to changing guidance from state and federal government, the specific protocol that will be followed will be communicated prior to event.

Question 3: Where can I find the event specific details?

Answer: Uttoron Event Calendar has links to all our events planned throughout the year. You can go to specific event page to learn more details like venue, parking, tickets, food and event schedule. We strive to put all the relevant information 30 days before event day.

Question 4: Why am I not receiving any event communication?

AnswerPlease check Communique FAQ.

Question 5I forget to register / purchase ticket for the event, how can I attend? ​ 

AnswerEvery Uttoron event has specific capacity that we as an organization need to follow due to rules of the venue rented. This is one of the main reason attendees need to pre-register for Uttoron event for us to adhere to facility contract in terms of capacity and planning. While we make every effort to accommodate members, we can’t guarantee event entry without pre-registration. For non-members if you haven’t purchased entry ticket ahead of time, you will not be allowed entry to the event.

Question 6: How do I request refund for ticket purchased?

Answer: Uttoron will allow refund for tickets (entry, food) purchased only if the refund request is received 14 days prior to event day. There will be no exception to this rule. You can make the refund request by sending order details information to You can find details of your past order by logging in and going to the My Orders page. You will be able to submit full (preferable) or partial refund request. Uttoron will process all refund request within 7 days from the receipt of the request. You will receive communication when refund is processed. Please don’t ping for status earlier.

Question 7How do I participate in community cultural event?

Answer: Uttoron is proud of its heritage of community cultural platform and talented performers over the years. You as an Uttoron member are welcome to participate and connect with similarly talented folks from larger community. Please follow event communication send via Email or Facebook (also available from event details page) to fill out the cultural form to submit your entry for cultural participation. Make sure you and if applicable other participants in your group are aware of Uttoron Cultural Program Policy before submitting cultural form. Once form submitted, Uttoron cultural team will be in communication with you to finalize next steps. We will not be able to accommodate cultural participation request after cut-off date.

Question 8: How can I get Uttoron magazine?

Answer: Uttoron produces an annual magazine during Durga pujo. Anyone can read the magazine online once published. Members attending Durga Pujo can get a hard copy of the magazine at the front desk while supply last. If you want to publish your content in Uttoron magazine, please follow communication from Uttoron requesting magazine participation.

Question 9: How do I donate to Uttoron?

Answer: Uttoron is thankful to our generous donors. Any event specific donation opportunity can be found in event details page or related event communication. You can also do a general donation from the Donation page. Uttoron is a non-profit organization, and our EIN is: 51-0455339. We recommend you consult a tax professional for any tax related questions regarding donations made to Uttoron

Question 10: How do I become a sponsor for Uttoron?

Answer: There are several avenues to advertise your business with Uttoron to reach larger Bengali community in Greater Seattle area. You can choose to advertise during an event, in our annual magazine or Uttoron website. We publish all the advertising opportunity with event communication. Please reach out if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate our sponsors.

Here are the details of 2022 sponshorship. You can purchase the specific advertisement opportunity by going to our Donation page. 

Sponsorship Tiers

Platinum Sponsor

  • Distribution of business organizations flyers
  • 4 free premier seating tickets to external artist show
  • Display business organizations banner during events
  • Full page Magazine Ad
  • All year website Ad

Gold Sponsor

  • 2 free premier seating tickets to external artist show
  • Display business organizations banner during external artist event
  • Full page Magazine Ad
  • All year website Ad

Silver Sponsor

  • Full page Magazine Ad
  • All year website Ad

Magazine Advertisement

Magazine Front Inside Cover page


Magazine Back Cover page


Magazine Full page


Magazine Half page


Magazine Quarter page


Website Advertisement

Website Ad



Question 11I want to give a stall in Uttoron event. How should I go about it?

Answer: Specific Uttoron event (like Saraswati Pujo, Boishakhi) allows vendor stall to sell merchandise. Typically, you can check specific event details page and purchase vendor stall as long as supply last. Vendor will be assigned space on first come first basis. Uttoron will also provide two rectangular table and two chairs with the reservation. If you are trying to give a stall first time in Uttoron event, it’s important you check first by sending email to to make you’re your merchandise / promotion will comply with Uttoron policy.