Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Uttoron Membership

Question 1: How can I check if I am an Uttoron member or not? 

Answer: Uttoron membership is for canledar year valid from January 1st to December 31st. You can check your membership status by logging in and going to my profile page. My profile information will clearly state if you are member for current calendar year or not. Additionally, if you are a member you will be able to see all the details in 'Membership Details' table in the same page.  

Question 2: How do I become an Uttoron member? 

Answer: You can purchase membership at become a member. You will need to log-in (if you don’t have an account, then first register with the Uttoron site). Once logged in, you will be able to review different membership type and purchase membership for each member of your family by filling out the membership template.  

Question 3: I forgot my account password. How do I find it? 

Answer:  You can reset your password by going forgot password. We will send you a randomly generated password in your registered email with your account. Please check junk / spam folder as well if you can’t locate password reset email from We recommend change the password once you log-in.  

Question 4Why should I become an Uttoron member? ​

Answer: Uttoron is a community driven, not-for-profit organization. Your patronage helps us plan and execute the events smoothly. That is why we want to make sure, our members with their family and friends feel at home here with the best quality events for the best bang for the buck. Please check our membership benefits. For specific questions please contact us. 

Question 5: Why Uttoron increased membership fee in 2023? ​ 

Answer: We have experienced local inflationary pressure on perishable items, non-perishable items, and facility cost to name a few in our events planning. Additionally labor cost (movers, custodians, baby sitters, security etc.) for Uttoron events has risen sharply as well. Due to these factors based on a detailed yearly budget, we have decided to increase membership pricing to make sure we can continue to provide and improve upon on the experience you expect from Uttoron events. 

Question 6Can I become a member any time of the year? ​ 

AnswerYes. Although it is highly recommended to become a member at the start of the year to avail most of the membership benefits. 

Question 7: Is there a prorated membership plan? ​ 

Answer: No, all membership plan prices are fixed/absolute. No intermediate slabs exist. If you calculate the membership plan to be non-economical for your specific situation, you have the option to purchase per event entry and food provided the event is open for non-members. 

Question 8Is membership fee refundable? ​ 

Answer: No, your annual membership is non-refundable. 

Question 9: How do I change email address for each member? ​ 

Answer: You will first need to log-in. Once logged in, please go to your my profile page. You will see ‘Membership Details’ table in that page and by clicking the 'Edit Email' in the table header you will be able to update email address. Member only communication will always be sent to this updated email address.  

Question 10I am a member, but why don’t I receive any email communication? ​ 

Answer: Many times, email communication ends up in junk / spam folder. Please check your junk / spam folder to locate  Uttoron emails. To ensure you continue receiving emails from  Uttoron, please add to your email contact list. If you can’t find any emails in junk / spam folder, please subscribe to the mailing list on our home page in addition to adding to your contact list. 

Question 11: Will the membership include the external artist event(s)? 

Answer: No, membership does not include entry to the external artist events, or food during such events. Very importantly though, members do enjoy a discounted ticket pricing and a part of the seats are reserved only for members. Please check membership benefits for more details. 

Question 12: What happens to events where there are external vendor food stalls? ​

Answer: Members and non-members will have to purchase the food separately during those events. For entry non-members will still need to pay as per the specific event requirements 

Question 13: What kind of food is covered in Kid’s membership? 

Answer: Typically, pizza is provided as part of Kid’s membership. If for your kid you want to avail main food for the respective event, you must purchase extra food coupon at membership price.  

Question 14: Are member’s parent memberships free? 

Answer: Yes, you will only need to pay for their food. You also need to register as per event requirement in that case. Essentially, they share similar membership benefits except voting rights. 

Question 15: My company matches donations – is my membership / donation / volunteer hours with Uttoron eligible for a match?

Answer: Yes, your membership fee and volunteer hours spent on Uttoron initiatives is eligible for a corporate match from your employer. Your portion of donation where no service from Uttoron is received in return, is also eligible for match. We have many members, donors and volunteers who multiply the impact of their contributions by their company match. If you need information how to request a match, please contact us 

Question 16: Is my Uttoron membership fee tax-deductible? ​ 

Answer:  Uttoron is a non-profit organization supported by annual membership fees paid by all members in general support of an organization’s exempt purposes and activities and exempt from tax by the IRS. Our EIN is: 51-0455339. We recommend you consult a tax professional for any tax related questions regarding payments made to  Uttoron.  

Question 17: Can people from Vancouver, Portland join? ​ 

Answer: Yes, you can become  Uttoron members or buy per event tickets. 

Question 18: What if I have membership questions not answered in the FAQ? ​ 

Answer: Please get in touch with us via email