Youth Of Uttoron (YOU)

Registered in 2003, Uttoron is an IRS 501(C)(3) non-profit organization of People of Bengal based in Greater Seattle area of Northwest USA. The word “Uttoron” means “UPLIFTMENT”. Uttoron undertakes and promotes social/cultural events unique to Bengal and India. Youth wing of Uttoron aka YOU strives to provide a platform to encourage and nourish youth member of Uttoron through social, cultural and educational activities.

Uttoron will organize in-person, virtual or hybrid YOU programs and events throughout the year. Please check YOU event calendar for upcoming events and up to date information. We encourage you to register your kids interest (YOU registration form) as it helps us in planning events as well as allows you to join an YOU parents WhatsApp group to receive real-time communication. If you have any new ideas or want to conduct a program for Uttoron youth, please submit your proposal details using this YOU proposal submisstion form. For any additional questions please check out YOU faq. If your questions not answered, feel free to contact us.