YOU Event Calendar

This page will be updated frequently as further event details, date and venue finalized. We request patrons to check frequently in addition to keeping eye on regular Uttoron communication.


Event Details Date Venue
Saraswati Pujo Volunteer involvement 8th February 2020 Bellevue College
Art Camp April 2020 TBD
Boisakhi YOU program 9th May 2020 Newport High School
Bangla Education Camp April-May, 2020 TBD
Uttoron Week YOU Drama 27th - 28th June 2020 Kirkland Performance Center
Summer Picnic YOU Sports Event 1st August 2020 East Lake Sammamish Park Shelter
Community Service/Volunteer Activity Sept-Dec, 2020 TBD
Durga Pujo YOU program 22nd - 24th October 2020 Bellevue College